Stop complaining and be a leader!

2017 is here and like every year leaders as almost every one else want to benefit from this momentum to change work processes, organizational habits or culture, location, change, change, change... but are we really capable of change?

If you look into your own work experience. You will realize that this desire for change comes from a discrepancy between "what is" and "what you think should be" or "what you wanted to achieve". This discrepancy makes leaders think about all that could be improved. They start listing all the things (processes, Talent management, strategy, communication...) that they want to change. Let's be honest, this happens more often than once in a year at new years Eve.

Most of the time as a leader you can feel overwhelmed by all your responsibilities. In some ways you accuse circumstances, workers, the political game, or what ever kind of alibi there is for the current situation. "If the new vision did not bring the desired outcomes, it is because of the company team leaders, lazy workers, the lack of communication" but where are you as a leader in the equation? When you accuse others of the situation you are giving up your power to decide, to act, to influence. You probably had a plan but it did not work out. Why? Do you have an overview of your company communication, change management, performance...? Are you listening to your company inner voice?

Stop complaining and become an actor "a leader" of your organizational life. First, you have to be clear about your current situation. Then about what you want for your company or team and to finish create a personalized plan to achieve your goals. 

Here is a self-administered questionnaire to help you create a lasting change: 

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Change is hard, change is challenging, change is scary but when people see your behavioral change they will change too. You should lead by example because as social beings we repeat behavior that we see in those we consider leaders or our hierarchical supervisors. This is how companies' cultures are changed. One person at a time. If you can change they can change too. You can then empower your employees to lead the change themselves.  

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