The Digital Transformation a chance for your company?

So the internet exists since the 1980s and has revolutionized the way we work, we purchase, we inform ourselves and also the way we communicate. This has led to the creation of so many new businesses and the end of so many others. There is no way to live without the internet unless you are a goat keeper at the top of the mountain.

A very famous term those days is Digital Transformation. In some ways it relates to the integration of Information Technologies and Internet in businesses (and every day life). This is the box where you can put anything and everything that is connected to the use of Internet and computers from Social Media, to IT security, working from home plus many more. One interesting fact is that many companies are struggling with the digital transformation and the Industry 4.0 and whatever the hell you can call it  because it does not mean anything to their business. Companies start this digital transformation without answering the following questions:

Most of the time companies do not answer those questions because they have no time, they do not know where to start, they may be overwhelmed by the many factors they must pay attention to, they cannot think about everything. They are lost. They need a change, they may have an idea of their most urgent needs but are paralyzed by the "security of doing it as it was always done", by their "organizational habits", by their "fear of change", their "resistance".

Let's come back to change management 101. You cannot change something when you are not clear about your current situation and the one you want to be in in the future. The desire to look at those two important aspects of the company development only happen when the pain of remaining as you are is higher as the pain of trying something new, going in the direction of the unknown. This pain can be the realization that you may be the next one whose IT system will be hacked (if it is not already the case), not being able to attract younger generations to replace you baby boomers, loosing clients to a competitor who went all in with this Digital Transformation.

So yes, now you understand that you need to do something about this digital transformation before it kills or at leats weakens your company. What would you do as a company to answer those questions? Write your answer in the comment  below.

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