Why should you care about your mission and vision?

Imagine if your managers, employees and service providers knew exactly what to do. They know exactly in which direction they are going and why they are doing it this way and not another one. This is so engaging that they deliver the best quality they can and try to solve issues they face while following the company rules. This would be the dream, wouldn't it be?

As a leader of a company or a team you need to clarify your mission and vision. The message you deliver to your employees influences the way they will perform their job. It is never easy to come up with a congruent message that represent what you visualize. This is maybe the hardest work you will ever have to do. You can read my article on How to come up with a vision? to start thinking about your 

A Corporate vision is like the direction you give when you sail. Tweet this
You have to find out what is that little (or big) something that only you can create. You being your company or team. The employees that are working for you achieve so much more with a clear idea of the direction they are walking toward. The clarity of the vision and mission should be strong enough that people come together to move mountains.

A clear vision and mission give you and your employees a reason to: 
  • wake up every morning 
  • go to work
  • show up in difficult time
  • give your / their best
  • cooperate
  • identify new opportunity
  • adapt to change
  • be creative
  • feel good about what you are doing
  • be proud 
So why wouldn't you work on your vision and mission? [comments welcome]

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