How dangerous are new technologies?

Debates on how and why technology like computers and internet disrupt our life are daily. While hearing those endless conversations I cannot stop thinking of the people who discovered fire, wheels, electricity and cars. They had the same questions as we do: How dangerous can be this new thing? The question that never arose in the public place is :”How dangerous are we?” because really technology without a man is like still water. It does not hurt.

The tendency is simply to reject the responsibility on something exterior to avoid the moment of truth. You know this moment when you realize this is all because of you. Those epic moments that we love to see in TV shows or films. This is when the main character realizes that his life is such a mess because he let it happened and not because of his family, boss or friends. It is most of all because of him. People do not want to hear that “technology is as dangerous as human can be”. This unpopular thinking makes us create a separation between the problem and us, the perpetrator and the innocent, the creator and the created, the issue and the solution. We as individuals, as team and as department in companies do it. I do it too. We do not assume who we are and all that it implies. We, you and I do not try to solve the problem at its roots but the symptoms of it. We see the fire and try to stop it without understanding why there was fire in the first place. Trying to stop a fire caused by electricity with water is far from being a good idea for example.

First, we need to understand the very nature of human beings. We have to acknowledge that in some circumstances we are all able to:

A question that has been with me since I can think is: “Why do people end up acting against their own interest and the one of others?”. I realized with time that there are various causes. Some of them are based in the individual history and the way they enter and relate to the world. Sometimes people lack important connexions in their life or are mistreated which sometimes lead them to just reproduce what happened to them.  We have to be carefull with that because it is not representing those who went through hell or had very difficult lifes and still are compassionate and peaceful. So there are situations that can expose a person to negative behavior but that does not mean that the person will too engage in them. The theory is that the individual has some kind of free will that he can exert in order to choose other behavior. 

So far, different philosophy and religions tried to get ride of the negative aspect of human behings by sometimes controlling us or creating very strict rules. It may have help create common basis of negotiation and discussion but it does not stop people from acting "negatively". In my opinion, we should accept those pitfalls and find ways to prevent them while understanding the person and not punishing him / her. We can also make a difference between people who are mentally ill and cannot make the difference between what we call good and bad. I believe there is always a way to relearn behavior and to decide to no be the victim of our own actions. It is hard but feasible.

A good way to prevent people from crossing the line is to first understand what can lead a person to act against himself or others. Just to name a few:

Technology is really not the problem but the way we relate to it. Our impression that technology will either save us or kill us makes us blind to the possible solutions. We need to work toward organization and individual development so that we reduce the risks of having people destroying themselves and the world around them. Our role is not to change the world but to take the time to change ourselves. We can only change when we desire it  and take the time to self-check and try at our best to improve ourselfs.

Are you ready to change just one little thing in your life that could have such an impact that it will change your world?

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