Performance and Talent management focus on the relationship between the organization and its employees. The goal of performance management is to have efficient and effective employees that deliver good services and products to customers. Talent management focuses on the anticipation of the organization’s needs in employees and  the plan to fulfill those needs.
            In order to have good performance management the goals of the organization and the employees have to be in accordance. Engagement of the employees is crucial to the organization’s success. A good performance management will allow an organization to benefit from financial gains, motivated workforce, and improved management control. The questions we are going to try answer in this blog are the following: How to assess an employee’s engagement? What motivates employees and how to motivate them? How to improve manager interactions?
            Talent management can also be seen as the capacity of an organization to attract the “right” employees and to keep them. The organization has to think of the things it can offer to its employees in order to keep the best one. The questions we will have regarding talent management are: How can you determine an organization’s needs? And how do you identify employees that fulfill these needs? What is employee engagement and does it really exists?