The purpose of Organizational Sciences is to better understand organizations in order to improve their efficiency. It is the crossroad of all fields that focuses on employees, well-being, organizational improvement, and efficiency. Consultants specialized in organizational sciences have the knowledge and hopefully the skills to allow organizations to analyze their current situation and find ways to improve it. 

Organizational Sciences can be divided in two main areas: psychology and business. On the one hand, Organizational Sciences studies the influence of human behavior in group dynamics and organizations success. On the other hand, Organizational Sciences develops an extensive body of knowledge on how businesses are developed from their birth until their death. There are three main areas of study:
  • Strategy & Change Management
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Performance & Talent Management.

My goal is to explain the benefits an organization has when implementing techniques, methodologies and consultants’ expertise to improve their efficiency while respecting all employees.

I believe that individuals have the duty to improve the world they live in by implementing better practices that take into account the human aspect of any issue.